Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program

The Erasmus MC has been given a donation of € 7,500,000,- from the Josephine Nefkens Foundation, focusing on the further development of scientific research for better cancer treatments. The Josephine Nefkens Foundation and the Erasmus MC have a long standing commitment. The donation gives a crucial extra impulse to the cancer research.

With this donation the “Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program” is officially initiated. Mission of the program is to develop new forms of patient-specific treatments and to bring them to the clinic as soon as possible.

The Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program is a department-transcendent program in which an even more intensive cooperation between basic, translational and clinical cancer researchers within the Erasmus MC is the central goal. The amount allocated is devoted to the acquisition and development of laboratory equipment for the purpose of the program.

'Josephine magazine

The Erasmus MC Cancer Institute has published ‘Josephine’ magazine. This magazine is completely dedicated to the meaningful work of the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and contains interviews with driven colleagues and patients who are treated at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.

The magazine is named ‘Josephine’ because the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute both contains the Josephine Nefkens Institute and the Josephine Nefkens Foundation gave a 7.5 million euro grant to the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. This grant marked the official start of the ‘Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program’.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine, free of charge, at several places at the Erasmus MC. If you want to read a digital copy of the magazine, please follow the link JOSEPHINE.