In vivo imaging

Please find below an overview of equipment that falls under In vivo Imaging. Scroll down to find more information per equipment (e.g. contact and registration details).

Equipment Status
IVIS SpectrumCT (Perkin Elmer) In negiotiation
Vevo LAZR-X photo acoustic imaging system (Visualsonics) In use

IVIS SpectrumCT (Perkin Elmer)

Status: in negotiation
Location: not yet known
Registration: not yet known
Contact person: not yet known

3D microCT imaging system for small animals (mice). The system combines 2D optical and 3D optical tomography in one platform and uses leading optical technology for non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns in living animals.

Vevo LAZR-X photo acoustic imaging system (Visualsonics)

Status: in use
Location: Ce-038B (AMIE)
Registration: follow this link
Contact person:
Joost Haeck

The ultrasound and photoacoustic imager vevo lazrx (visualsonics) enables high frequency ultrasound in vivo examination with 30 um resolution. Photoacoustic pigments (oxygenated/ deoxygenated hemoglobin, melanin etc.) can be detected in the photoacoustic mode. The ultrasound and photoacoustic images can be corregistered. Photoacoustic examination is suitable for observation of tumour vascularisation, tissue perfussion, local hypoxia, detection of labelled probes, nanoparticles or cells. Measurements can be performed in 2D, 3D and 4D mode.