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Equipment Status
Illumina iSeq and NextSeq In negotiation
10X Genomics single cell analysis system In use

Illumina iSeq and NextSeq

Status: in negotiation
Location: not yet known
Registration: not yet known
Contact person:
Tom Cupedo

The iSeq 100 System is a small next generation sequencer that is ideal for small whole-genome sequencing (eg, bacteria, viruses, plasmids), targeted sequencing of a set of genes or gene regions, gene expression analysis, or 16S metagenomics (run time: 9.5-16hrs, read length 36-150bp, 4 million single end and 8 million pared end reads). Detailed information:

10X Genomics single cell analysis system

Status: in use
Location: Ee-1373
Registration: please contact Eric Bindels
Contact person:
Eric Bindels

System for single cell transcriptomics connected to Illumina sequencing platforms.