Regular meetings

Various lectures are organized at the Erasmus MC that are open to all cancer researchers who work there. 

Meeting Frequency Contact
ABC research meeting 1 Tuesday every 6 weeks; 14:15-15:00h Maartje Hooning
JNI scientific lab meeting every Monday; 13:00-14:00h Margot van den Akker
MORM (Medical Oncology Research Meeting) Once a month (Tuesday or Thursday); 08:30-09:30h Noortje Verschoor
Tumor Immunology Platform (TIP) every Tuesday; 12:30-13:30h Alexandre Marraffa
Bridge meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month; 11:00-12:30h Arne IJpma
  • ABC research meeting: set up to keep each other up-to-date about research about breast cancer from several disciplines (e.g. radiology, epidemiology and plastic surgery).
  • JNI scientific lab meeting: set up to provide more coherence between the various research groups of the Josephine Nefkens Institute (JNI). It also provides a platform for students to present their work.
  • MORM: the Medical Oncology Research Meeting (MORM) was first set up for all researchers, medical oncologists and Postdocs of the department of Internal Oncology. Current research from the department is discussed, but it also provides a platform for researchers to present new ideas or make new collaborations.
  • TIP meeting: the Tumor Immunology Platform (TIP) is a consortium of several departments (i.e. Immunology, Medical Oncology and Pulmonary Medicine), in which projects from master students, PhD students and Postdocs are presented and discussed.
  • Bridge meeting: bridges the gap between Biology, Technology and the Clinic. Each session combines one presentation on biology and one on bioinformatics/technology or a combination of both. Follow this link for more information.