The daily board of the program consists of 6 members.

Member Department
Prof Dr Roland Kanaar Molecular Genetics
Dr Ir John Martens Oncology
Prof Dr Ron Mathijssen Oncology
Prof Dr Pieter Sonneveld Hematology
Dr Ralph Stadhouders Pulmonary Medicine
Prof Dr Ivo Touw Hematology

Cancer Institute

The Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program falls under the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.

Josephine Nefkens Foundation

The Josephine Nefkens Cancer Program exists because of a large donation by the Josephine Nefkens Foundation. The foundation aims to promote research of the origin of cancer, the prevention of cancer and the improvement of the diagnostics and treatment of cancer.

Every 3 years, the Foundation awards the ‘Josephine Nefkens Prize’ to a researcher in the Dutch territories who carried out excellent research. In 2019 the prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Sjaak Neefjes, professor of Chemical Immunlogy at the LUMC.